Flutter team has introduced several new updates with their Aril, 2020 release. These updates include several feature addons and improvements for Flutter web.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Support

If you’re a fan of PWAs and Flutter, this will be good news for you. With this update, Flutter’s default template for web apps now comes with core features needed for an installable, offline-capable PWA app.

Four New Flutter Web Plugins

Thanks to the Flutter’s amazing community, four new plugins are introduced to support your Flutter web development needs.

  1. audioplayers: Allow you to play multiple audio files simultaneously
  2. connectivity: Let’s you discover network connectivity and configure accordingly
  3. cloud_firestore: Cloud Firestore NoSQL database API access plugin
  4. cloud_functions: access serverless cloud functions, hosted by Firebase

New Debugging Features

Web Debugging with connecting expression evaluation to Flutter on the web now have experimental support ready to try out in VSCode which was only available for Flutter mobile until now. To learn how to activate these debugging features, please refer to this article.

Web Rendering improvements with CanvasKit

If you’ve followed previous Flutter releases, you may have noticed that Flutter web dev team is doing experiments with different types of approaches for rendering UI. From this month they have added rendering support with CanvasKit ( Skia + WebAssembly).

CanvasKit Features

  • WebGL context encapsulated as an SkSurface, allowing for direct drawing to an HTML canvas
  • Core set of Skia canvas/paint/path/text APIs available, see bindings
  • Draws to a hardware-accelerated backend
  • Security tested with Skia’s fuzzers

Anyway, Flutter’s web still uses DomCanvas by default. but you can enable the CanvasKit rendering engine with this command:

flutter run -d chrome --release --dart-define=FLUTTER_WEB_USE_SKIA=true

If you looking for more details: Please refer to original release notice from Flutter team.